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St Lucia Alliance Caribbean

St. Lucia Alliance Caribbean Ltd was incorporated in June 2021 in Castries , under the Cabinet Government approval giving the Authority to carry on the Name of St Lucia, as a Subsidiary company of Alliance Caribbean Ltd Holding registered in Cayman Islands

Business Management

To meet daily challenges, smart solutions are required to assist management, streamline and optimize business processes. We offer a global solution to project problems, from their start-up phases (consulting), execution (development and integration), and system start-up (installation, support and maintenance).


To meet daily challenges, smart solutions are required to assist management, streamline and optimize business processes.
And from there St. Lucia Alliance Caribbean was born, offering a global solution to project obstacles, from its start-up phases (consulting), execution (development and integration) and system start-up (installation, support, administration and maintenance).

Projects management

Our service is based on the general fundamentals of Project Management recognized as good practices. The time, cost, and effort spent managing a project are essential elements in achieving a high-quality end result on time.




St. Lucia Alliance Caribbean is an independent distributor of petroleum fuels primarily to the Caribbean region.

Driven by the need to meet the energy needs of the region, we decided to find his own space in the complex oil market. Creating a new business line in the company with the Fuel Area, with a new and visionary philosophy that aspires to represent a solid alternative to the large multinationals that operate in the sector.
The Fuels Area is booming, with a continuously growing human team and a wide range of increasingly efficient and sustainable products.

Located with headquarters in Castries St. Lucia, from where we want to become the leading company in the sector for the Caribbean region.

Direct Distributor

We are Direct Distributors of Oil Refineries in several countries, in order to guarantee the supply of any type and quantity of Fuel you need.

Logistics and Storage

St. Lucia Alliance Caribbean currently has fuel storage facilities in Rotterdam and Houston, and a new facility is underway in one of the Caribbean Islands


We can transport your fuel to any safe port in the world, facilitating all the procedures and necessary documentation.


We are Direct Distributors of different producers in the Brazilian sugar industry, to guarantee the supply of any type and quantity that you request.

Quality commitment

Alliance Caribbean is very demanding with the quality of the products we sell and even more so if the product is from the food sector. We demand that the ingredients be 100% natural so that they maintain the genuine taste of sugar.

Refined Sugar and Cane Sugar

All the sugar we sell is 100% pure cane, from which the different varieties are extracted that allow us to sweeten the lives of many people every day.


We have a human team specialized in logistics, management and administration to guarantee an efficient and punctual supply.