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Business Projects


Innovation and economics

Medicine is increasingly faced with the challenge of combining preventive measures with hospital care to create an optimal treatment mix. This has to happen, on the one hand, by efficient use of resources with minimal burden for patients, on the other hand, with an economic vision. Today, a doctor and an entrepreneur must be allowed to look at the interface of innovation and economics.

For this project, a clinical center will be installed in each of the 15 Caribbean islands where private medical services will be offered with the highest German technological and scientific advances, especially in the field of prevention and early diagnosis.

Open to Investors

The Product: is a hardware and software complex consisting of four modules to measure the electrophysiological properties of the body:

  1. HRV – Analysis of heart rate variability, allows the evaluation of body physiological functions such as the general activity of the control mechanism, neuro-humoral cardiac regulation and the relationship between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.
  2. CRG: the electrocardiogram traces the electrical activities of all the fibers of the heart muscle in the atrium and the chamber of the heart.
  3. DSAM – 3. DSAM – Amplitude or diagonal segment spectrometry allows the measurement and correction of disorders in tissue conductivity and microcirculation.
  4. VALEO – The vegetative anatomical-physiological logo of natural organs is based on the principle of biological resonance and is a frequency spectrum graphic examination method to identify disorders of homeostasis.
  5. BIA (bioimpedance measurement): calculates body fat, water and solid substance.


Technology of an agricultural factory

The project develops the supply and assembly of three hectares of cultivation houses adapted to the climatic conditions of the tropics under the technology of an agricultural factory for the production of vegetables, vegetables and fruits in SAINT LUCIA, GRENADA, BARBADOS AND SAINT VINCENT.

With the development of the adaptation and standardization of this production technology to all the CARICOM countries.s

Production for the Caribbean

The development, operations and sales of greenhouse effect products for the inter-island and export markets. Bring technological improvements in agriculture to our region to increase the productive capacity of farmers, facilitating exports and improving the profitability of the activity.

To achieve crops of the highest quality and under the standards of Safety and good agricultural practices, two things are needed:

Team of professionals trained and updated in Best Agricultural Practices, with recognition from different institutions and experience in implementation in different countries. (Government Projects, more than 100 Hectares).

Strategic & Marketing

Strategic alliance with marketing companies of Growing Houses with cutting-edge technology. (Spain and Costa Rica)

We have a multidisciplinary team with more than 25 years of experience in the field, made up of Doctors, Agricultural Engineers, Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial Engineers and Designers, capable of creating turnkey projects from management (Planning, execution, control and sale ) to sustainability and profitability. Our technology complies with international standards that regulate protected crops creating an agroecosystem with climate control, use of fertilization and irrigation; through the use of good practices in the management of plant breeding and phytosanitary control.